Accurate Check Engine Light Diagnostics in San Diego, California

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If your Check Engine Light is on, that could be indicative of a very serious problem that is threatening the safety of your vehicle. Bring your car or truck to Cutting Edge Audio and get it checked today.

At Cutting Edge Audio, we can diagnose and repair most issues that trigger a check engine light on most makes and models. Our technicians will quickly identify and address the problem so that you can ride with the confidence that your vehicle is operating safely and optimally. Is your Check Engine Light on? Need service in the San Diego, California area? We are here to help.

Common Check Engine Light Issues

Problems that often result in a Check Engine warning light include:
  • A Loose Gas Cap
  • Failing O2 Sensor
  • Spark Plug
  • Ignition Coil
  • Failing Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Catalytic Converter Problems

What It Means if Your Check Engine Light is Flashing or Flickering

A check engine light that is on, but not flashing or flickering, indicates a problem that is not yet severe. If you are seeing a steady check engine light, have a diagnostic completed as soon as possible. If your Check Engine Light is flashing, that likely indicates a serious engine misfire that could lead to extensively, costly damage if not addressed immediately. Whether your Check Engine Light is steady or flashing, bring it to Cutting Edge Audio for an accurate diagnosis. For more information, call us at 858-776-3168.